Explore LLC Tutoring

Explore LLC Tutoring

Explore Tutoring is a free, drop-in tutoring program available for students who are part of the Explore Living Learning Community. Tutors are available to help M-Th from 7-9 pm in the Folk Basement.

Fall 2021 Courses Supported

Click below to see which evenings your course is supported with Explore LLC Tutoring!



Course Thu
BIOS 1107/1207
BIOS 1108/1208 Katherine
BIOS 2300 Katherine
BIOS 2600 Katherine


Course Mon Wed Thu
CHEM 1211K Melody Katherine
CHEM 1212K Melody, Brian Kathryn
CHEm 1310 Melody
CHEM 2311 Melody, Brian
CHEM 2312/2313 Brian


Course Mon Wed
COE 2001 Kathryn
CHBE 2100 Melody
CHBE 2120 Melody
CHBE 2130 Melody
BMED 2210 Brian


Course Mon Tue Wed Thu
CS 1301 Sam
CS 1315 Katherine
CS 1331 Sam
CS 1332 Sam
CS 1371 Melody, Brian Kathryn


Course Mon Tue Wed Thu
MATH 1551 Melody Sam
MATH 1552 Melody Sam
MATH 1553 Melody Sam, Alex Kathryn Alex
MATH 1554 Brian Sam, Alex Alex
MATH 1555 Katherine
MATH 2550/1 Melody Sam Kathryn
MATH 2552 Melody Sam, Alex Kathryn




Course Mon Tue Wed Thu
PHYS 2211 Melody Alex Alex
PHYS 2212 Alex Kathryn


Katherine (LS section)


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Who are the tutors?

The Explore tutors are former Explore students who have excelled in the courses that they support and have been trained in accordance with College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) International Tutor Training Guidelines.

Seeking additional help?

We also offer free appointment-based tutoring, weekly PLUS sessions, and drop-in tutoring!