Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-In tutoring is provided for many of our high demand courses. No appointments are necessary–just click the link to join the virtual session during the times listed and get help right away! For other subjects, check your course Canvas page for TA office hours or set up an appointment with our 1-to-1 tutoring.

CS 1371

Please note that the CS 1371 help desk hours are 2pm-8pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 2pm-5pm on Fridays. The queue will be cleared at 2pm each day so please make sure you are only joining the queue during help desk hours.


TAs are available Mon-Fri. Click the corresponding course button to view the schedule & join the virtual room.

Population Specific

These are free, drop-in tutoring services in BME courses, or the Explore Living Learning Community.

Organic Chemistry

Replaced with increased virtual TA office hours.


Replaced with increased 1-to-1 Tutoring availability for introductory physics courses.

Math Lab

TAs are available Monday-Thursday’s 9am-7pm and Friday’s 9am-4pm.