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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide exemplary academic support services to enrich the learning experience of undergraduates within an engaging and welcoming environment.

The mission of Tutoring and Academic Support programs is to support undergraduate students in achieving their academic goals through a range of both personalized and campus-wide initiatives that foster self-regulated learning, enhance academic skills, and create opportunities for leadership and continued development within and beyond Georgia Tech’s rigorous environment. To accomplish this mission, we:

  • Implement diverse types of course-related academic support, such as peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and collaborative study groups.
  • Assist students in the transition to college-level work and the academic environment of Georgia Tech.
  • Identify and support students who are in academic distress or who are not meeting their own academic expectations.
  • Collaborate and partner with faculty, advisors, and administrators to coordinate a campus-wide network of academic support.
  • Support the operation and vision of Clough Commons to enhance undergraduate teaching and learning.
  • Foster a sense of community among students through shared learning experiences.
  • Provide leadership, professional development, and mentoring opportunities for undergraduates interested in helping their fellow students.