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Learning Assistant Program

Georgia Tech now has a Learning Assistant Program! Faculty can apply to have their course(s) supported by Learning Assistants, who are student employees of Tutoring and Academic Support (TAS). Learning Assistants (LAs) provide support for student learning in an interactive classroom environment. LAs help facilitate active learning and collaborative instruction in lecture, recitation, studio, and/or lab. Spring 2023 application is now available! Please click the button below (GT Login Required). Faculty Application deadline is Friday, October 28th. However, applications received after the deadline will still be considered. Students interested in LA positions can apply starting mid semester by clicking the “Join Our Team” link in the top right corner of the website and filling out the Tutoring & Academic Support common application. To view the list of courses supported click here.

Fall 2021 Learning Assistants

Spring 2022 Learning Assistants

Learning Assistants in the Classroom (COE 2001)

Learning Assistants at the End of Semester Celebration

Why now? The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated remarkable and impactful changes to the educational landscape. As instruction transitions back to an in-person format, instructors will need to decide which elements of remote learning they want to maintain. For example, by shifting content delivery to online videos, the in-person component might be used for collaboration and discussion. This is a great opportunity to transform the classroom experience into an active environment with the help of Learning Assistants.

Learning Assistants (LAs) are students who are prepared to provide support for student learning in an interactive classroom environment. LAs can help facilitate active learning and collaborative instruction in lecture, recitation, studio, and/or lab. LAs are able to guide or coach students by sharing skills and knowledge they have already learned from taking the course. In addition, they can use their skills to identify and address student difficulties with course content. LAs engage in pedagogical training to assist them in promoting student learning outcomes.

Who are the Learning Assistants?
  • Students who recently completed the course they are being hired to support
  • High performing students in the subject
  • Interested in helping fellow students and/or in careers in the field of education
What do the Learning Assistants do?
  • Work directly with students, helping make courses more student-centered using interactive techniques with an emphasis on exploratory questions. LAs can facilitate group work, worksheets, labs, peer discussion of polling questions, and other interactive methods.
  • Meet weekly with course instructor to discuss upcoming assignments/activities/labs and common student difficulties
  • Hold office hours and assist with grading as needed from course instructor
  • Take 1-credit pedagogy course on interactive educational techniques (CETL 2001) during their first semester as an LA
What is the difference between a PLUS Leader, TA and LA?
  • PLUS Leaders provide opportunities for students enrolled in traditionally challenging courses to work together in a collaborative setting to review course content, develop learning and study strategies, and prepare for exams. These sessions are held outside of scheduled class times. PLUS Leaders do not provide assistance on graded work. 
  • The main responsibility of a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) or Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) is assisting the course instructor in running Recitations or Studio sections and grading assignments. They may provide assistance on graded material.
  • Learning Assistants are used more flexibly, a hybrid of a PLUS Leader and TA, as they may facilitate small group interaction inside the classroom, hold weekly office hours, and contribute to grading. LAs provide assistance to students in a 1-to-1 and/or small group format and help lower the teacher to student ratio. They may provide assistance on graded material. LAs are not to replace TA duties.
How many hours do Learning Assistants work?
  •  On average 6 hours a week:
    • 1 hour weekly meeting
    • 3 hours in class with students
    • 1 hours prep time to review course material
    • 1 hour office hour (optional)
    • 1 hours assisting with grading (in class assignments, they are not to replace TAs)

*Note, each course may adapt these requirements to the needs of the course.

What are the requirements to become a Learning Assistant?
  • Georgia Tech student in Good Academic Standing and Good Judicial Standing
  • Have completed at least one full semester at Georgia Tech
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be eligible to support the selected course with an A grade or support from the instructor
  • Be available to meet with the instructor once a week
  • Be available to attend all components of the course required by the instructor
  • Be available to see students for weekly office hours
  • Be available for assisting in grading, as needed
  • Have a professional reference (faculty preferred)
  • Be available to enroll in the training course, CETL 2001: Fundamentals of Peer Tutoring
Why are Learning Assistants important?

Learning Assistants provide a viewpoint different than the instructor or TA. Since the LA has more recently taken the course, they may have unique insights of where students struggle and can help students grasp the concept in a more relatable way.

One of the biggest advantages of having an LA in the classroom is it provides another point of contact for the student. It decreases the student to teacher ratio, which can be valuable for larger lecture courses.

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